No, This Viral Image Does Not Explain the History of Arabic Numerals

Your cousin’s Facebook friends are probably going nuts over this image that claims to show how the early history of Arabic geometric design informs how we write numerals today. “Each figure contains its own number of corners and angles,” reads the text. That’s half-true of the drawings in the image. The rest is… » 7/21/15 4:20pm 7/21/15 4:20pm

These Pluto Truthers Insist NASA Images Are Fake

It wouldn’t be a monumental achievement in human history without some truthers on the internet calling it fake. And NASA’s historic Pluto flyby is no different. The conspiracy theory crowd has descended on the event as their too-good-to-be-true choice this week. Wake up sheeple! Pluto is just a dog at Disneyland! » 7/15/15 2:38pm 7/15/15 2:38pm

This Woman's Big Fake Butt Did Not Explode

A woman’s butt implants exploded while she was doing squats at the gym for an Instagram workout video, hoping to become the next Jen Selter, according to News 4 San Antonio, Cosmopolitan, and several other sites. She’s now in a coma, with damage to several internal organs. But is she really? » 7/15/15 11:22am 7/15/15 11:22am

Jay Z and Beyonce, Black People, Not "Buying Rights" to Racist Emblem

In the aftermath of the mass shooting that killed nine in Charleston, S.C., the Confederate battle flag has come under fire as a symbol of shooter Dylann Roof’s racist ideology. And what’s better than taking down a racist symbol? How about one of the richest, most prominent black couples in America buying the rights… » 7/08/15 12:53pm 7/08/15 12:53pm

University of Toronto Defends Class That Taught Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

Are you a student looking for a great health studies course? I’d suggest steering clear of the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus. The school has recently become the laughingstock of the scientific community for a course that includes materials on the dangers of vaccines. Jenny McCarthy would be so proud. » 7/07/15 2:30pm 7/07/15 2:30pm

Selling Erotic Ebooks Is Illegal in Germany Before 10pm 

Thanks to an old-fashioned law that treats ebooks like movies, online booksellers in Germany are eligible for a $56,000 fine if they sell erotic ebooks before 10pm. That means any young fraus desperate to buy sensual Clippy stories may have to wait until after dark if booksellers come up with a plan to comply. » 6/22/15 2:15pm 6/22/15 2:15pm

Forward or Delete: This Week's Fake Viral Photos

Occasionally, against all odds, you’ll see an interesting or even enjoyable picture on the Internet. But is it worth sharing, or just another Photoshop job that belongs in the digital trash heap? Check in here and find out if that viral photo deserves an enthusiastic “forward” or a pitiless “delete.”
» 6/19/15 4:08pm 6/19/15 4:08pm

Robot Fact-Checkers Are Coming Soon

Look out bullshit peddlers, the robot fact-checkers are coming to get you. Researchers at Indiana University have developed an automated system for checking claims made online. And while it’s not the first such system, it’s definitely a sign that automated fact-checking might soon become mainstream. » 6/17/15 3:00pm 6/17/15 3:00pm

The LA Dodgers Got Their Name From Brooklyn's Deadly Streetcars

Most people know that the blue-hatted Los Angeles Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Dodgers. But while you may have assumed that the “Dodgers” moniker referred to avoiding a tag or stealing a base, the true story is more complicated. That’s because the Brooklyn Dodgers were once the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers—and those… » 6/10/15 6:05pm 6/10/15 6:05pm

Idiot Man on Facebook: Caitlyn Jenner No Hero, Unlike These Toy Army Men

With Caitlyn Jenner’s public debut dominating the news cycle this week, people who are uncomfortable that Bruce is now Caitlyn are trying to tear her down by claiming she’s not a real American hero, like The Troops. This is a bad and disingenuous argument, which makes it all the more satisfying to see it buried under… » 6/04/15 3:10pm 6/04/15 3:10pm